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CPRE Litter Picking awards Updated

Calling the

Litter Heroes of 2020...

...will you be part of the
Helping to remove ugly plastics and the other stuff that is blighting our countryside?

To fight litter, this summer a total of £2,000 in prizes will reward litter picking groups from villages, towns, schools and communities across Northamptonshire

Groups of any size can enter. Small ones have just as good a chance of winning as large villages
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Litter remains big news. We cannot just dump packaging and other detritus of our 21st century way of life anywhere we choose. Our litter campaign strives to increase awareness and to encourage changes in behaviour, with the aim that plastic and other rubbish never reaches the great outdoors in the first place.

School children are a very important target for that message, as are adults of all ages. Let's motivate them to improve the environment around their own homes - shouldn't be too hard, should it?

The Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire
David Laing Awards for Litter Heroes

These are again personally sponsored by David Laing, currently HM Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire and president of CPRE in the county. The prize money may be spent on any community-related project in the local area of each winning group, at their discretion.

Here's how to enter this year's Awards:

  • Motivate a team of pickers in your village or town or school or community group. It doesn't matter whether your group are already regular pickers, or intend to start this year.
  • Choose a picking date or dates between now and mid June, and let us know your planned date by an email to info@CPRENorthants.org.uk (just reply to this emial). Think about school term dates, publicity (posters by schoolchildren?), vegetation growth (some groups prefer the early spring, before the grass gets too long), sunset times, other scheduled local events and suchlike. If you are unsure about how to organise a pick, please ask us.
  • Afterwards, email your best three or four picking photographs and tell us about your litter pick. We need a few paragraphs describing how it was organised, who was involved and what happened. If you're not sure what to include in your report, ask us what has impressed our judging panel in previous years.

The cheques will be presented to the winners at a meeting in the summer. There will be a number of prize cheques, totalling £2,000 in all, awarded to groups who have involved a wide cross section of their community. Young Litter Heroes Awards will go to children and young people from schools and youth groups.

Happy picking!

CPRE Northants litter campaign team


Then please forward this email to other people you know, who you feel might be interested:

  • parish & town councillors (clerks: please use your local knowledge)
  • school governors
  • parents
  • teachers
  • leaders of voluntary organisations
  • members of Residents' Associations
  • scouts, guides, cadets and other youth groups
  • other community group leaders

and anyone else who prefers village and country roads - and the streets of our market towns - to be litter free.

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Posted: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 18:23 by Lisa Ritchie

COVID-19 Guidance for using M.U.G.A.

Latest guidelines for use of M.U.G.A.

Posted: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 14:07 by Lisa Ritchie

Active Northants

Northamptonshire Sport are delighted to ask you to share to the teenagers (14-19) you engage with a brand new opportunity for them in June. Through Sport England Funding we are offering all teenagers in Northamptonshire access to locally delivered online Boxing, Calisthenics, Dance, Fitness and Yoga classes FREE OF CHARGE throughout June.

Please can you share the below message or tweak as you see fit and the video content (download from wetransfer here) using your platforms and contacts. Or simply share the Northamptonshire Sport posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (search #activenorthants) More »

We will be putting more content on social media over the coming days to try and engage the teenagers of our county.

Are you a teenager struggling with motivation? Are you looking for something new to try? Or do you just want to hang out with your mates doing something.

ACTIVE NORTHANTS offers Boxing, Calisthenics, Dance, Fitness and Yoga classes FREE OF CHARGE throughout June, you can sign in and spend time with other teenagers in a socially minded physical activity setting.

To make it even better, the more you participate the better the chance of winning prizes. If you attend at least 2 sessions you have a chance of winning, but the more you do the more chance you have to win.

Northamptonshire Sport have linked up with Born to Perform Dance School, Hale Training, Megan Robinson Personal Training, Namastella Yoga and The Compound, alongside CIRV (Community Initiative to Reduce Violence) to deliver these amazing sessions aimed specifically at teenagers aged 14-19 (year 9 upwards).

Register via www.northamptonshiresport.org/activenorthants to get access to all these sessions live each week. » Less

Posted: Wed, 27 May 2020 14:28 by Lisa Ritchie